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Redefining Music Discovery

Endless miscellany of partyficially intelligent music recommendations, curated by the spiffiest trendsetter on the internet - yourself!

Step Ahead

Building on the already advanced Spotify recommendation engine, our algorithm is able to offer you the most suitable tracks based on your previous listening habits and the playlists you've made before.

Swipe to Like

Finding new music is now as easy as getting laid. The minimalist user interface forces you into speed dating with unexpected tracks. First impression is everything as you rate the recommendations simply by swiping cards off the stage.

Constant Evolution

The more you swipe, the better stuff you get. Starting with vague guesses of similar tracks, our self-learning algorithm gradually adapts to your taste and steadily grows better at recommending you the music you'll love.

Fused with Spotify

The starting point for discovery is your existing Spotify profile. The tracks you like on Skimmee are automatically saved to a special Spotify playlist, ready for playback or re-arranging to other playlists straight in the Spotify app itself.

Enough Music

Being tightly interwoven with Spotify, Skimmee is able to browse a vast catalogue and is not limited to e.g. any particular genre of music.

Always on You

The songs discovered via Skimmee are at your disposal on your Spotify account in full quality on mobile, web or desktop.

Controlled Random

No music fits all moods. Search for your favourite song or artist to seed it into the recommendation engine, changing the flow of suggestions.

Get It Now

For once, be a cool kid. Available for free on the App Store.